Mineral Oil

Soapstone Mineral Oil For Sale

Enhancing your stone!

Mineral Oil can be applied to your soapstone to accelerate the darkening process and enhance the color and veining pattern. Oiling the stone is not a requirement…it simply speeds up the patina process. If you prefer a darker stone, the first few applications of mineral oil should be applied frequently as soon as you see the last application evaporate. After the first couple of weeks of applying mineral oil, you will notice the time period between applications will lessen. You will then only apply the oil every few months or when you want to darken the appearance of your soapstone.

Greensville Soapstone Company Mineral Oil is a 100% Canadian light grade mineral oil which is easier to apply than drug store mineral oil. Our product is food grade and safe to be in touch with food however it is not intended for human consumption.

Greensville Soapstone Company is concerned about our environment. Our plastic bottles are fully recyclable and made from PET recycled material. Additionally, we offer a discount off your next purchase of mineral oil if you bring your bottle back for an in-store refill.

Greensville Soapstone Company Mineral Oil is available in:

1 Litre size - $19.95 plus tax

In-store bottle refill - $15.95 plus tax

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