Most people, who choose soapstone for their home, fall in love with soapstone. Soapstone has a unique silky smooth texture. Its natural honed finish gives this stone a timeless elegance and beauty unlike any other.

Like granite, soapstone is a quarried stone. There are two types, artistic soapstone which has very high talc content and is used for carving such as Inuit art carvings. Architectural soapstone also known as “Steatite” is a harder denser stone used for countertops and sinks and is comprised of a variety of minerals including chlorite, dolomite, magnesite and talc. The majority of our architectural soapstone is quarried in Brazil.

Soapstone is a non-porous stone making it completely resistant to stains and bacteria. It is inert and will therefore withstand extreme temperature without harm to the stone. There is no need to treat Soapstone with chemical sealants ever and you can use any cleaning product without fear of damaging your stone.

Soapstone is a very forgiving stone and requires minimal maintenance. Because it is softer than other stones, it will scratch. Light scratches are easily removed with a little mineral oil. Deeper scratches are also easily removed with a light sanding and a touch of mineral oil. Unlike other stone, Soapstone will not show finger prints!

Soapstone comes in shades of gray with various amounts of veining. If left alone, the stone will darken with age developing a natural patina. For those who prefer a consistent dark surface, mineral oil can be applied periodically to accelerate the darkening process.

Greensville Soapstone Company works exclusively with soapstone and offers only the highest quality stone. Please see our product gallery for stone selection or contact us for a sample.

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